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Crossing That Line

September 10, 2015

This is a blog I wrote on my birthday in May of this year, but never posted.




I find myself here, another year older, crossing the line to 50. On my ride in to work today (because YES I still ride my scooter, Dexter, in good weather--and sometimes in bad) I thought about my life so far. Rather depressingly so, to be honest. Not a single dream has been realized. I have moved no closer to long-term goals. I have wasted time and opportunities again and again.


Then I started thinking about the last 18 months. I re-entered the continuing medical education world. I re-found a passion for learning--both promoting it and living it. I have started to live in the e-learning world and have found new friends and mentors. I have a new focus and a new purpose. I have made strides toward realizing new dreams.


Like most, early retirement will not be a possibility for me unless I hit the lottery, so I'm facing a minimum of 20 years more of gainful employment. This could sound daunting, even disheartening, but to me it's an opportunity to start over. To have a "real" career instead of all the piecemeal oddments of employment I've always had. I don't regret all those jobs in all those places because it has brought me to this point. I only wish I'd found this place sooner--this world where education and imagination and technology intersect.


I don't delude myself that all of this new career will take place in just one location, with just one employer. That's not how employment works anymore. But I do know that this is the world in which I want to live. This is the world where I can just be me. Where I can thrive. E-learning Developer. Instructional Designer. Learning and Development Specialist. Whatever you choose to call it, whatever facet happens to be my current focus (because unfortunately I'm a one-and-only where I work, so I wear all the hats), that's me. The hat-wearer.


It would be nice to have pithy, wise or witty things to share with people. I can occasionally be astute or clever; I mostly just have opinions and share them. I have started following people whose blogs or Tweets or websites speak to me. I don't always agree with or understand them, but they challenge me. I find the more I dig into this world the more I like to be stretched. I like to have my opinions and thoughts called into question so I have to think about why I believe those things. I carve out more and more time to learn and grow. I spend less time on fluff and more time on real content. I sleep better. I work smarter. And new dreams emerge as I venture into this new territory.


Thank you for joining me at the very outset of this journey. Thank you in advance for spending some of your precious time reading this and interacting with me in other venues and in other ways. I have no idea where any of this will take me, but so far I'm really enjoying the journey!





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