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Thank You, Mr. Branson







Now and then I read something that is so simple and straightforward I can’t believe I had to be reminded of it. Today I read a LinkedIn teaser that led me (once again) to Richard Branson’s blog. He talked about his approach to planning, both business and personal, which is very simple: two columns with pros and cons listed out. Having used this decision-making method more times than I could count when I was younger, I discarded it as too simplistic and immature as I got older. But here’s a man who is the head of a wildly successful business who still regularly uses this tool to help him find the way forward.


Mind. Blown.


I rarely read something of Richard Branson’s that doesn’t teach me something, but this method is such an easy way to see where things stand. To see if I'm on the right path. To get back on track, or jump the tracks and get on with life in a different direction. To find solutions that were hidden right before my eyes. And the bottom line: I have to take care of myself in order to take care of next steps.


So thanks, Mr. Branson, for once again taking me to my core to find answers. Thank you for making me realize that taking stock and making change doesn’t have to be complicated or involve twenty steps that I will probably stop following after the first three. Just…thanks.

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